A selection of cool screeny things I’ve worked on over the past five years!

Edited by Jacob Pernell:

Work selection:

EPSON ISE short animation (MCL Create, 2018)

Murderous Pursuits video game (Blazing Griffin, 2017-18)

Better Days short film (d. Damien Swarbrick, 2016) – feat. guitar by Terry Peng:

Lordbound video game mod (Night Sky) (Lordbound, 2015-18) – feat. violin by Emma Donald:

Lordbound video game mod (Those Lost Voices) (Lordbound, 2015-18)

Lordbound video game mod (Arctic Prints) (Lordbound, 2015-18) – feat. violin by Emma Donald:

Weapons short film (d. Laurie Irvine, feat. Red Note Ensemble 2013)

Full showreel

Short showreel