Game Music Videos (UKIE)

UKIE Game Changers

It was such a treat to be a part of Ukie‘s first Game Changers event in August 2020, alongside amazing performers from the game music scene (Chipzel, Nyokeë, Ninichi and Circuit Bird!), who together all raised over £1k in support of charities Mermaids and GamesAid!

For the show, I got together with incredible musicians across the world and members of the Tinderbox Collective over the weeks beforehand, to make a couple of remote cover recordings of some pieces I’ve composed for games (with some of the video & audio even recorded together over a Zoom video call).

It was the first time I’ve done something like this for my own music, and so I can’t thank enough all of the players who contributed so much time and effort to making these music videos – thank you all! 🎶❤️

Here are those two pieces now – Plain As Day from the score for Murderous Pursuits, by Blazing Griffin 🥳🥰🔎🗡

And Heart of Gardale from Lordbound

Plain As Day Feat:
Violin: Emma Donald, Rebecca Cheung
Viola: Daniel Cortes
Cello: Graham Coe
Double bass: Doug Kemp

Heart of Gardale feat:

Flute: Michael Ready, Jack Nissan

Clarinet: Paula McCarthy, Amanda Currie

Alto sax: Claire Docherty, Rachel McKell, Ken Whelan

Accordion: Ken Whelan

Mandolin: Scott Sherman

Keyboards: Oliver Entwisle

Violin: Emma Donald, Amanda Currie, Rebecca Cheung, Mark Choi, Nicola White

Viola: Daniel Cortes

Cello: Graham Coe

Double bass: Doug Kemp

Artwork: Ewan Green