Dance of Whispered Truths

Mantra Collective/Dance of Whispered Truths

Live game music performance – collaboration with games developer Niall Moody

Dance of Whispered Truths is an ongoing experimental live game & music experience. The project features a game made by developer Niall Moody which is played by members of an audience, while band Mantra responds to the game and player with live music, interacting with the game dynamically and digitally through a touch-screen app. The musicians used a semi-scored improvised system directed by a leader using hand signals.

Dance of Whispered Truths has been performed by Mantra Collective at the Tinderbox 5 Year Anniversary Festival December 2015, Sound Thought in Glasgow 2016, Hidden Door festival 2016, and the Edinburgh Games Symposium in 2016. | Mantra Collective (Facebook)