Hypnagogia (2013)

Hypnagogia was composed by Luci Holland in collaboration with Chris Jacquin, and attempts to explore sensory experience. It was inspired by the concept of the word “hypnagogia”, which generally describes the feeling of the transition between wakefulness and sleep, and delves into fascinating areas such as human mentality, consciousness and perception, as well as memory and thought process.

Simultaneously, the piece was also inspired by the majesty of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat and the sounds, sights, smells and various sensations that can be experienced there. The music tries to reflect the different ways in which one can perceive and respond to its environment through loose musical imitations, which are written with an intention of open interpretation.

These two seemingly distinct inspirations have led to the piece evolving into a strange hybrid which attempts to explore the concepts of perception and the senses, as well as the veil between consciousness and unconsciousness, through shifting textures and gestural suggestions.

Recording of a live performance by Edinburgh Charity Orchestra in support of Drake Music Scotland conducted by Iain McLarty in St Cuthbert’s Parish Church, Edinburgh, on Saturday 12th October 2013.

Hypnagogia was performed again by the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble in November 2016.

Recorded by Sandy Horsburgh (Lothian Concert Recordings): lothianconcertrecordings.weebly.com/