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MANTRA - game music set

Due to requests from our gig at the Hit Point/Games Are For Everyone Vol 3 (18 Nov 2015), here is a list of some of the game music tunes my band Mantra covered for the Edinburgh Game Symposium:ProtoPlay Edition Aug 2015 (, and are now a part of our set! 

Note: These are links to the original tunes, not the orchestrated versions we played - to hear these join us at a Mantra gig! Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter for info: @Mantra_Sound

I Have Begun My Ascent (Jessica Curry @jessicacurry2) arranged by David Jamieson (@DavidJJamieson)

Moebius Main Theme (Robert Holmes ) arranged by Luci Holland (@LuciHolland)

Rimo Main Theme (Luci Holland @LuciHolland)

Train (David Townhill) - composed specially for Mantra and not currently available as a recording

Bad Happenings (Jaime Cross @speedyjx) arranged by David Jamieson (@DavidJJamieson)

Leviathan (Ryan Ike @RyanIkeComposer) arranged by David Jamieson (@DavidJJamieson)

Edinburgh Game Symposium | ProtoPlay Edition

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